Cummins’ to pay $1.675 billion penalty over truck engine emission defeat devices

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Cummins to Pay $1.675 Billion Penalty over Truck Engine Emission Defeat Devices

Cummins Inc., a leading global manufacturer of engines, announced on Thursday that it has agreed to pay a hefty penalty of $1.675 billion. This penalty comes as a result of the company’s involvement in manufacturing and distributing truck engine emission defeat devices.

The Allegations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accused Cummins of utilizing defeat devices designed to alter the emissions output of its diesel engines to meet regulatory standards during testing but surpass them during regular on-road use. These devices were reportedly employed in nearly half a million medium and heavy-duty trucks in the United States.

A Serious Violation

The use of defeat devices violates the Clean Air Act, a crucial piece of legislation enacted to protect the environment and public health. The EPA discovered that Cummins’ illegal actions resulted in excess emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), a harmful air pollutant, which has been linked to respiratory problems and contributes to the formation of smog.

A Costly Penalty

Cummins Inc. has accepted responsibility for its actions and has agreed to pay the highest penalty ever imposed by the EPA for violating emission regulations. The hefty amount of $1.675 billion reflects the seriousness of the violation and aims to hold the company accountable for its actions.

Cummins’ Commitment to Move Forward

In addition to the financial penalty, Cummins has pledged to invest $20 million in research and development of advanced pollution controls and engine technologies. This investment showcases the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the development of cleaner engine solutions.

Cummins’ Apology and Assurance

Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO of Cummins, apologized for the company’s transgressions, acknowledging the harm caused by their actions. Linebarger reiterated Cummins’ dedication to working closely with the EPA and other regulatory bodies to ensure full compliance with emission standards moving forward.

A Notice to the Industry

This substantial penalty imposed on Cummins sends a clear message to other manufacturers, emphasizing the importance of adhering to environmental regulations and avoiding any shortcuts or circumventions. The EPA is steadfast in its commitment to enforce stricter emissions standards and to protect public health and our environment.


Cummins’ agreement to pay a $1.675 billion penalty emphasizes the significance of staying true to emission regulations. This settlement serves as a reminder that any company found in violation will face severe consequences. As Cummins commits to rectifying its actions and investing in cleaner technologies, the hope is that the industry as a whole will learn from this incident and strive for a greener and more sustainable future.

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