EV Roundup: TSLA’s Recall of 2M Vehicles, RIVN’s Deal With AT&T & More

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TSLA Recalls 2 Million Vehicles over Safety Concerns

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) has recently issued a recall for approximately 2 million vehicles due to safety concerns. The recall covers various models manufactured between 2013 and 2021. This move comes after reports of potential safety hazards associated with the vehicles’ battery systems.

According to Tesla, the recall is a precautionary measure to address a potential issue that could lead to battery fires. Transitioning to ensure customer safety, the company has identified a manufacturing defect in the battery packs of these vehicles. Tesla has stated that it will replace the defective battery packs free of charge.

RIVN Enters Deal with AT&T to Expand Charging Infrastructure

Rivian Automotive Inc. (RIVN) has recently partnered with AT&T to expand its electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The deal aims to provide Rivian customers with enhanced charging capabilities across the United States. AT&T will support Rivian’s charging network by deploying its wireless and wireline connectivity solutions.

By teaming up with AT&T, Rivian aims to address one of the major concerns for EV owners – the availability and efficiency of charging stations. This partnership will not only improve the charging experience for Rivian customers but also contribute to the overall growth of the electric vehicle market.

EV Companies Face Supply Chain Challenges Amidst Growing Demand

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, companies in the industry are facing significant challenges in their supply chains. The global shortage of semiconductors has affected the production of electric vehicles, leading to delays and increased costs for manufacturers.

Tesla, Rivian, and other electric vehicle manufacturers are actively working to mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptions. They are exploring alternative sources for critical components and adjusting production plans to ensure timely delivery of vehicles to customers.

Charging Network Collaboration to Benefit EV Users

In a positive development for EV users, major electric vehicle companies are collaborating to expand charging networks. Tesla, Rivian, and other manufacturers are joining forces to establish a more interconnected charging infrastructure across the country. This collaboration aims to address range anxiety and provide a seamless charging experience for all electric vehicle owners.

By pooling their resources, these companies can create a network of charging stations that is accessible to EV users regardless of their vehicle brand. This move will not only alleviate infrastructure concerns but also promote the adoption of electric vehicles on a larger scale.


As the electric vehicle industry continues to expand, companies like Tesla and Rivian are addressing challenges head-on to ensure customer safety and convenience. Recalls, partnerships, and collaborative efforts in expanding charging infrastructure signify the industry’s determination to overcome obstacles and cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles.

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