Farfetch Acquired by Korean eCommerce Giant Coupang

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Farfetch Acquired by Korean eCommerce Giant Coupang

Luxury fashion online marketplace, Farfetch, has announced its acquisition by the Korean eCommerce giant, Coupang, marking a significant moment in the global fashion industry. This strategic move aims to strengthen Coupang’s presence in the luxury market and further diversify Farfetch’s offerings.

Expanding Coupang’s Reach in the Luxury Market

With this acquisition, Coupang, often referred to as the “Amazon of South Korea,” is positioning itself to make an impactful entry into the luxury fashion space. Coupang’s well-established infrastructure, delivery network, and immense customer base will allow Farfetch to expand its reach in the Korean market and beyond.

Coupang is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient logistics. By leveraging Coupang’s advanced technology and operational expertise, Farfetch will be able to enhance its delivery capabilities and provide an exceptional shopping experience to customers in the region.

Diversifying Farfetch’s Offerings

Farfetch is known for its extensive range of luxury fashion products from world-renowned brands and boutiques. This acquisition will further diversify Farfetch’s offerings by leveraging Coupang’s relationships with Korean designers and brands, bringing a unique blend of local and global luxury fashion to customers worldwide.

By collaborating closely, Farfetch and Coupang can curate exclusive collections and foster collaborations that cater to diverse consumer tastes and preferences. This strategic partnership will enable Farfetch to strengthen its position in the luxury fashion market while providing Coupang’s customers with unparalleled access to luxury fashion products.

A Promising Future for Luxury Fashion in Asia

The acquisition of Farfetch by Coupang signals a promising future for the luxury fashion industry in Asia. With the growing purchasing power and evolving fashion preferences of Asian consumers, this partnership will tap into an expansive market and drive innovation in the luxury fashion sector.

The integration of Farfetch’s global expertise with Coupang’s local insights and operational excellence is expected to propel the growth and accessibility of luxury fashion in the region. Asian customers will enjoy an improved shopping experience, faster delivery times, and a wider range of luxury fashion options at their fingertips.


The acquisition of Farfetch by Coupang showcases the fashion industry’s continuous evolution and adaptation to meet the changing demands of consumers. This collaboration will bring together the strengths of both companies, offering greater convenience, diversity, and luxury fashion experiences to customers worldwide.

As the luxury fashion market continues to expand, this partnership is not only beneficial for Farfetch and Coupang but also for fashion enthusiasts who can look forward to an even more exciting and accessible luxury shopping experience.

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