Farfetch in talks with Apollo Global for rescue deal -source

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Farfetch in talks with Apollo Global for rescue deal -source

Leading luxury fashion retailer, Farfetch, is reportedly in discussions with investment firm, Apollo Global Management, to secure a potential rescue deal amidst the industry-wide challenges caused by the ongoing pandemic, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Boosting Financial Stability

The potential rescue deal aims to bolster Farfetch’s financial stability, as the company faces a significant decline in sales amid the global health crisis. Transitioning towards a digital-first approach, Farfetch has witnessed a surge in online sales, but overall revenues continue to be impacted due to the closure of physical retail stores and a decrease in tourism.

Partnership with Apollo Global

Apollo Global Management, a leading alternative investment firm with a focus on distressed assets, has expressed interest in joining forces with Farfetch to provide financial support during these challenging times. The potential deal could potentially offer Farfetch the necessary monetary resources to navigate uncertainty and continue its rapid growth trajectory.

Strategic Investment Opportunities

The collaboration with Apollo Global would not only provide immediate financial support but also potentially unlock additional strategic investment opportunities for Farfetch. As the luxury retail industry undergoes a paradigm shift, Farfetch aims to capitalize on emerging trends, such as the demand for sustainable fashion and personalized shopping experiences, to stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Industry-Wide Impact

Farfetch is not alone in facing challenges within the luxury fashion industry. The global pandemic has disrupted consumer behavior and dampened the demand for luxury goods across the globe. Several major luxury brands and retailers have reported significant losses and have been actively seeking rescue deals and partnerships to ensure their survival.

Future Outlook

While the negotiations between Farfetch and Apollo Global Management are still ongoing, the potential rescue deal signifies a glimmer of hope for the luxury retailer. By securing the support of a prominent investment firm, Farfetch can strengthen its financial standing and better weather the storm caused by the global health crisis, paving the way for its continued success in the post-pandemic world.


As Farfetch engages in talks with Apollo Global Management for a potential rescue deal, the luxury retailer aims to boost its financial stability amidst the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. Collaborating with Apollo Global not only offers immediate monetary support but also opens up strategic investment opportunities for Farfetch to capitalize on emerging industry trends. With several major luxury brands and retailers seeking similar rescue deals, the industry as a whole is facing unprecedented challenges. However, the potential partnership with Apollo Global brings hope for Farfetch’s future prospects, positioning the company for continued success in the ever-changing luxury retail landscape.

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