GM’s Cruise laying off 900 employees, or 24% of its workforce: Read the memo here

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GM’s Cruise lays off 900 employees, or 24% of its workforce: Read the memo here

In a shocking turn of events, General Motors’ (GM) autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Cruise, announced on Friday that it will be laying off 900 employees, accounting for nearly a quarter of its workforce. The decision comes as a result of the company’s aim to streamline operations and focus on its core mission of developing self-driving technology. Cruise CEO, Dan Ammann, outlined the reasons behind the layoffs in an internal memo, which has now been made available to the public.

Streamlining operations for enhanced focus

The memo highlights that Cruise’s vision remains unchanged, which is to create a safer and more efficient way of transporting people through self-driving technology. However, in order to make this vision a reality, the company needs to streamline its operations and improve efficiencies.

Adapting to the evolving autonomous vehicle industry

Ammann emphasizes that the autonomous vehicle industry is dynamic and ever-changing, requiring constant adaptation to market conditions. By reducing the workforce, Cruise aims to maintain competitiveness and agility in an industry marked by intense competition and rapid advancements in technology.

Prioritizing core engineering and core technologies

The memo further explains that Cruise will focus on reallocating resources to core engineering and self-driving technologies, ensuring that the company retains its technological edge. By doing so, Cruise aims to accelerate the development and deployment of its autonomous vehicle technology, placing itself at the forefront of the industry.

Supporting impacted employees during transition

Acknowledging the impact of the layoffs on Cruise’s employees, Ammann assures that the company will provide comprehensive support to those affected. This includes assistance in finding new job opportunities, career coaching, and offering severance packages. Cruise aims to help these employees transition smoothly into their next endeavors.

Cruise’s commitment to its mission

Despite the layoffs, the memo reaffirms Cruise’s unwavering commitment to its ultimate mission – transforming transportation through self-driving technology. Ammann expresses confidence in the team’s capabilities to weather the storm and continue pushing boundaries, assuring that this difficult decision will contribute to a more focused and efficient Cruise in the long run.

Industry reactions

Industry experts are closely observing the developments at GM’s Cruise, recognizing the need for companies to adapt swiftly as they navigate the rapidly evolving autonomous vehicle sector. While the news of the layoffs is undoubtedly unsettling for the affected employees, it represents a strategic move by Cruise to ensure its long-term success and competitiveness.


GM’s Cruise is taking a decisive step towards aligning its operations with its core objectives by laying off 900 employees. By streamlining its workforce and focusing resources on core engineering and self-driving technologies, Cruise aims to position itself as a technological leader in the autonomous vehicle industry. Amidst this transition, the company remains committed to supporting its impacted employees and maintaining its mission of transforming transportation through innovative technologies.

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