Illumina to divest cancer test maker Grail after antitrust battles

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Illumina to Divest Cancer Test Maker Grail After Antitrust Battles

San Diego-based biotech company Illumina announced on Monday its decision to divest cancer test maker Grail after facing prolonged antitrust battles. The move comes as a strategic step aimed at addressing regulatory concerns and facilitating the acquisition process of Grail by a group of investment firms.

Illumina’s Antitrust Battles Delay Divestment Plans

Over the past few months, Illumina has been engaged in legal challenges and fierce regulatory battles surrounding its acquisition plans for Grail. These antitrust battles have caused significant delays in the divestment process, prompting Illumina to reconsider its strategy and pave the way for a swift resolution.

Strategic Divestment to Allay Regulatory Concerns

By divesting Grail, Illumina aims to address the regulatory concerns raised during the antitrust battles. The move is expected to alleviate some of the concerns expressed by regulatory authorities and facilitate the completion of the acquisition process by the investment firms’ consortium.

Facilitating Acquisition by Investment Firms

Illumina’s decision to divest Grail will help streamline the acquisition process, allowing the group of investment firms led by private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) to proceed with the purchase smoothly. The investment firms’ consortium has expressed their confidence in Grail’s potential and plan to advance its groundbreaking technologies in early cancer detection.

Shaping the Future of Cancer Testing

Grail, known for its innovative multi-cancer early detection tests, holds significant promise in revolutionizing cancer diagnostics. The divestment will enable Grail to take crucial steps towards developing its potential in the field of cancer testing. The investment firms plan to accelerate Grail’s growth and expand its reach, aiming to make a positive impact on cancer detection and patient outcomes worldwide.

Ensuring Continued Collaboration

Illumina remains committed to collaborating closely with Grail even after the divestment. The companies will work together through a commercial arrangement to ensure a seamless transition and maintain their shared goal of advancing cancer diagnostics. Illumina believes that this continued partnership will help both companies achieve their respective objectives while driving progress in the field of early cancer detection.


The decision by Illumina to divest cancer test maker Grail underscores its commitment to addressing regulatory concerns and propelling the acquisition process forward. By streamlining the divestment and promoting collaboration with investment firms, Illumina aims to facilitate the development and global expansion of Grail’s transformative cancer detection technologies. This strategic move is expected to pave the way for significant advancements in early cancer diagnosis and ultimately benefit patients worldwide.

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