Occidental Petroleum to buy Permian producer CrownRock for $12 billion, raise dividend

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Occidental Petroleum to Acquire Permian Producer CrownRock for $12 Billion

Occidental Petroleum, a leading oil and gas exploration and production company, has announced its plan to acquire Permian producer CrownRock for a staggering $12 billion. This strategic move aims to strengthen Occidental’s position in the prolific Permian Basin, which is widely regarded as one of the world’s most productive oil and gas regions.

Expanding Footprint in the Permian Basin

By acquiring CrownRock, Occidental Petroleum intends to expand its footprint in the Permian Basin, where it already has a significant presence. The Permian Basin, spanning across West Texas and New Mexico, offers vast oil and gas resources that continue to attract investment from major players in the industry.

Leveraging CrownRock’s Assets and Expertise

CrownRock brings to the table a substantial reserve base and extensive knowledge of the Permian Basin. Occidental Petroleum aims to leverage these assets and expertise to further boost its production capabilities, drive operational efficiencies, and maximize profitability.

Strengthening Occidental’s Competitive Advantage

This acquisition is expected to enhance Occidental Petroleum’s competitive advantage in the Permian Basin. With an increased production capacity and a diversified portfolio of assets, the company will be better positioned to capitalize on the region’s immense potential and drive long-term growth.

Dividend Increase Announcement

In addition to the acquisition news, Occidental Petroleum has also revealed plans to raise its dividend. The company strives to reward its shareholders by increasing the dividend per share, reflecting its confidence in the future success of the organization.

Positive Outlook for the Industry

Amidst a recovering global economy and rising oil prices, the energy industry is witnessing a positive outlook. Occidental Petroleum’s move to acquire CrownRock and raise dividends further bolsters this sentiment, signaling a strong belief in the industry’s potential for growth and profitability.

Regulatory and Shareholder Approval

The acquisition of CrownRock is subject to regulatory approvals and the satisfaction of customary closing conditions. Furthermore, Occidental Petroleum will seek the approval of its shareholders for this transaction, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and ensuring the best interests of all stakeholders are considered.


Occidental Petroleum’s decision to acquire Permian producer CrownRock for $12 billion and increase its dividend reflects the company’s confidence in its ability to thrive in the dynamic energy industry. As the acquisition is finalized and regulatory approvals obtained, Occidental Petroleum looks forward to further expanding its presence in the Permian Basin, unlocking tremendous value for its shareholders, and contributing to the growth of the global oil and gas sector.

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