San Jose, San Francisco home prices expected to drop in 2024, Zillow predicts

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San Jose, San Francisco home prices expected to drop in 2024, Zillow predicts

Home prices in the thriving cities of San Jose and San Francisco are predicted to see a significant decline in 2024, according to real estate giant Zillow. This forecast comes as a surprise to many, as these California metropolises have long been known for their robust housing markets and soaring property values.

Indicators of market softening

Zillow cites several factors that contribute to this predicted drop in home prices. One crucial factor is the rise in mortgage interest rates, which is anticipated to make homes less affordable for prospective buyers. Additionally, the cities’ housing markets have been experiencing a supply surge, with more properties coming onto the market. This increased inventory is projected to provide buyers with more options and potentially drive prices down.

A break from the upward trend

For years, San Jose and San Francisco have experienced an upward trajectory in home prices, often leading the nation in terms of growth rates. However, Zillow’s forecast suggests that this trend is poised to change. While it may be a relief for aspiring homeowners struggling with the ever-increasing cost of housing, this shift also poses challenges for current homeowners, especially those who have made significant investments in the real estate market.

Impact on the housing market

Should Zillow’s predictions come to fruition, the drop in home prices could have a ripple effect on both the local and national economies. Lower property values may entice more buyers to enter the market, potentially stimulating economic growth. However, the decline also raises concerns for homeowners who may find themselves owing more on their mortgages than their homes’ appraised values. This could lead to financial difficulties and even foreclosures for some individuals.

The uncertainty of future projections

It is essential to note that economic forecasts, including those related to the real estate market, are subject to various factors and uncertainties. While Zillow’s prediction of falling home prices may hold weight, it is not without its potential discrepancies. Market conditions, government policies, and unforeseen events could all influence the accuracy of these projections.


Zillow’s prediction of a decline in home prices in San Jose and San Francisco in 2024 raises eyebrows and sparks discussions about the stability of these once-booming housing markets. While the potential drop in prices may offer relief for some prospective buyers, it may also present challenges for existing homeowners. As the real estate landscape continually evolves, only time will tell if this forecast becomes a reality or stands as another twist in the ever-changing tale of housing markets.

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