Search underway off Chas, SC for man missing on cruise ship | News

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Search underway off Chas, SC for man missing on cruise ship

Authorities have launched a search operation off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, for a man who reportedly went missing from a cruise ship on Friday. The US Coast Guard is leading the search efforts, which involve multiple agencies and assets.

Disappearance reported on Friday

The disappearance was reported to cruise ship officials on Friday evening. According to initial reports, the man was last seen on the ship’s deck around midday, but has not been sighted since then. The ship, which was en route to the Bahamas, immediately initiated a search on board and notified the Coast Guard.

Search expanded to surrounding waters

As soon as the missing person was reported, the US Coast Guard swiftly mobilized their units to join the search operation. The search area has been expanded to cover the waters surrounding Charleston, focusing on possible routes the man may have drifted.

Multiple assets deployed

Coast Guard cutter vessels, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft have been deployed to assist in the search. Local authorities, including Charleston County Sheriff’s Office and maritime law enforcement agencies, are also providing their resources to aid in the efforts.

Vigilant coordination amongst agencies

Efficient coordination and communication among all involved agencies are crucial in search operations like this. Coast Guard Incident Management personnel are leading the coordination efforts, ensuring the search teams are strategically deployed and sharing information in real-time.

Support from cruise ship company

The cruise ship company is cooperating fully and providing full assistance to the Coast Guard and other agencies involved. They are actively working to provide any necessary information or footage that may aid the search and investigation process.

Concerns for the missing person’s safety

Due to the amount of time that has passed since the man was last seen, concerns for his safety are escalating. The weather conditions are also a factor affecting the search efforts. Authorities are doing everything possible to locate the missing man and bring him back safely.

Urging public for information

Authorities are urging anyone who may have witnessed or have any information regarding the incident to come forward and contact the Coast Guard immediately. Every piece of information, no matter how small, could potentially contribute to the success of the search operation.

Maintaining hope

Search and rescue missions are always challenging, but the Coast Guard and other agencies remain hopeful and committed to locating the missing man. They will continue their search efforts tirelessly until the person is found or until it is determined that further search actions are no longer viable.

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