Sub 7% mortgage rates could start a ‘thaw’ in housing market: Redfin’s Fairweather

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Sub 7% Mortgage Rates Could Start a ‘Thaw’ in Housing Market: Redfin’s Fairweather

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The real estate market has been experiencing a cool-down lately, with low inventory and soaring prices limiting the number of prospective homebuyers. However, hopes of a possible ‘thaw’ in the housing market have emerged with the recent prediction of sub 7% mortgage rates, according to Daryl Fairweather, Chief Economist at Redfin.

An Optimistic Forecast

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Fairweather’s optimistic forecast suggests that if the mortgage rates drop below 7%, it could lead to a surge in homebuying activity. This could provide a much-needed boost to the housing market, as buyers who were previously deterred by high interest rates may now find it more affordable to enter the market.

Impact on Home Affordability

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High mortgage rates have been one of the major barriers to homeownership for many potential buyers. With rates below 7%, monthly mortgage payments would become more manageable, making homeownership a more attainable goal for a wider range of individuals and families. This, in turn, could increase demand and create a more balanced market.

Stimulating Housing Supply

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The potential surge in demand caused by lower mortgage rates could also stimulate new construction, leading to an increase in the housing supply. Builders may be encouraged to ramp up their production to meet the rising demand, thereby easing the pressure on inventory levels and potentially stabilizing housing prices.

Encouraging Homeowners to Sell

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Many current homeowners have been reluctant to sell their properties due to the fear of being unable to find a suitable replacement in this competitive market. However, with the prospect of sub 7% mortgage rates, more homeowners might be motivated to sell and take advantage of the favorable conditions as they consider the possibility of moving or upgrading their homes.

A Boost for the Economy

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A revitalized housing market can have a ripple effect on the broader economy. Increased home sales lead to higher consumer spending, as buyers invest in furniture, appliances, and home improvement projects. Additionally, the construction industry would see a surge in activity, creating jobs and economic growth.


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While the prediction of sub 7% mortgage rates is promising, it remains to be seen whether this ‘thaw’ in the housing market will indeed occur. Nonetheless, the potential for lower rates holds the promise of increased affordability, stimulating demand, and balancing the market. A revitalized housing sector could bring positive impacts not only for buyers and sellers but also for the wider economy, providing a glimmer of hope in an otherwise cool market.

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