Tencent, NetEase shares rebound after China regulator’s assurance on new online gaming rules

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Tencent, NetEase Shares Rebound After China Regulator’s Assurance on New Online Gaming Rules

After days of uncertainty and volatile trading, shares of Chinese gaming giants Tencent and NetEase rebounded on Wednesday. This positive development came after China’s top regulatory authority assured the market that the new online gaming rules would not significantly impact these companies’ operations.

Regulator Eases Concerns

The State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP), which oversees the country’s online gaming industry, made a statement clarifying the new rules and their implications. The regulator highlighted that the goal behind these regulations was to promote a healthier gaming ecosystem and protect the mental and physical well-being of young players.

Reassurance for Tencent and NetEase

Tencent and NetEase, both leading players in the Chinese gaming industry, have been closely watched by investors since the announcement of the new rules. Concerns were raised that these regulations would severely affect the revenue generated by the popular online games offered by these two companies.

However, the SAPP’s statement alleviated many of the concerns surrounding this issue. It emphasized that the new rules were not intended to hamper the healthy development of the sector or to disrupt the operations of industry leaders like Tencent and NetEase.

Positive Market Response

The reassurance provided by the SAPP led to a rebound in Tencent and NetEase shares. Tencent’s shares surged by 5% during Wednesday’s trading session, while NetEase witnessed a significant rise of 7%. These gains indicate renewed investor confidence in the companies and their ability to navigate the changing regulatory landscape.

Global Impact

The impact of the new online gaming rules in China is not limited to domestic companies. Many international gaming companies have also been monitoring the situation closely due to their reliance on the Chinese market. The regulator’s clarification of the rules offers valuable insights into the future of online gaming regulation in China, providing a level of stability for both domestic and international players.


The rebound in Tencent and NetEase shares following the regulatory assurance reflects the importance of clear communication from authorities during times of uncertainty. The SAPP’s statement has helped to ease concerns about the impact of the new online gaming rules, providing a much-needed boost to investor confidence. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, such reassurances play a critical role in ensuring the steady growth of the sector and maintaining a healthy gaming environment for all players involved.

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