TGI Fridays boneless chicken nuggets recalled, may be contaminated with plastic

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TGI Fridays Boneless Chicken Nuggets Recalled Due to Contamination Concerns

TGI Fridays, a well-known restaurant chain, has issued a voluntary recall of its popular boneless chicken nuggets due to potential contamination with small pieces of plastic. This announcement comes after the company discovered the issue during a routine quality control check.

Concerns over Consumer Safety

The recall was initiated in response to concerns over consumer safety. The presence of plastic in the product poses a potential choking hazard and could cause injuries. TGI Fridays takes these concerns seriously and is acting swiftly to rectify the situation.

Nationwide Recall

TGI Fridays has not limited the recall to specific regions or states; instead, it has decided to initiate a nationwide recall of the affected product. This decision highlights the restaurant’s commitment to the well-being of its customers, regardless of their location.

Transparency and Communication

The company aims to maintain transparency and has promptly communicated the issue to its customers through various media channels. TGI Fridays advises individuals who have purchased the affected boneless chicken nuggets to discard them immediately or return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Working with Regulatory Authorities

TGI Fridays is actively cooperating with regulatory authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to investigate the root cause of the contamination. The company has also strengthened its quality control protocols to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Consumer Assistance

For any concerns or queries related to the recall, customers can reach out to TGI Fridays’ dedicated helpline at [phone number]. The company’s customer service representatives are available to provide assistance and answer questions related to the recall.

Ensuring Product Safety

TGI Fridays is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of its products. The company will take all necessary steps, including refining its quality control procedures, to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future. The well-being and trust of their customers remain their top priorities.

Acting Responsibly

By voluntarily recalling the boneless chicken nuggets and prioritizing customer safety, TGI Fridays has demonstrated its responsible approach towards addressing potential product issues. The company’s swift action and transparent communication reflect its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and consumer satisfaction.

In conclusion, TGI Fridays’ recall of their boneless chicken nuggets serves as a precautionary measure to protect consumers from the potential harm caused by the presence of plastic in the product. Customers are urged to follow the company’s guidance and return or discard the affected product. By taking this assertive step, TGI Fridays reaffirms its commitment to consumer safety and continues to prioritize their well-being.

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