TSMC Chairman Mark Liu to retire in 2024, CEO recommended as successor

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TSMC Chairman Mark Liu to retire in 2024, CEO recommended as successor

Taipei, Taiwan – TSMC, the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing company, announced today that its Chairman, Mark Liu, will be retiring in 2024. The company has also recommended its current CEO, C.C. Wei, as his successor.

Stepping down after a successful tenure

Mark Liu, who has been serving as Chairman since 2018, has played a pivotal role in steering TSMC towards phenomenal growth and global recognition. Under his leadership, the company has witnessed numerous technological advancements and breakthroughs while solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

A trailblazer in the semiconductor market

Liu’s retirement announcement has garnered significant attention within the technology sector. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in driving TSMC’s dominance in semiconductor manufacturing, overcoming various challenges and consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet customer demands.

CEO C.C. Wei recommended as the new Chairman

TSMC’s management has proposed CEO C.C. Wei as the successor to Mark Liu. Wei has been with the company for over three decades and has played a crucial role in TSMC’s rise to prominence. As CEO, Wei has successfully navigated TSMC through a highly competitive market, positioning the company as a leader in advanced chip manufacturing.

Ensuring a smooth transition

The announcement signifies TSMC’s commitment to a seamless leadership transition. Both Liu and Wei will work closely together over the next few years to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities. The transition plan aims to leverage their collective expertise and experience to sustain TSMC’s steady growth and technological leadership.

Maintaining TSMC’s industry dominance

TSMC’s continued success is of utmost importance in the rapidly evolving semiconductor market. As the demand for advanced chips continues to soar, TSMC’s ability to produce cutting-edge technology on a large scale is seen as pivotal in maintaining its industry dominance. With the recommended transition plan, the company aims to uphold its reputation and deliver on its commitments to customers and stakeholders.

Looking towards the future

As Mark Liu prepares for his retirement, TSMC remains focused on driving innovation and meeting the increasing demands of clients worldwide. The company will continue its relentless pursuit of technological advancements under the leadership of CEO C.C. Wei, ensuring that TSMC remains at the forefront of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

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