Why Tesla may be one of the Magnificent Seven to avoid

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Why Tesla may be one of the Magnificent Seven to avoid

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has been the talk of the investment world in recent years. With its innovative technology, sleek designs, and bold vision, Tesla has attracted scores of investors looking to get a piece of the electric vehicle revolution. However, some financial experts are cautioning against jumping on the Tesla bandwagon and instead are labeling it as one of the Magnificent Seven to avoid.

Overinflated Stock Price Raises Concerns

One of the main reasons why financial experts are advising against investing in Tesla is its overinflated stock price. The stock has skyrocketed in recent years, leading many to believe that it may be trading at levels that are not sustainable in the long run. The volatility of Tesla’s stock price has also raised concerns that it may be a risky investment.

Competition in the Electric Vehicle Market

Another factor to consider is the increasing competition in the electric vehicle market. While Tesla was once a pioneer in this field, other automakers have caught up and are now producing their own electric vehicles. With more options available to consumers, Tesla’s market share could potentially be impacted, leading to decreased profitability.

Production Issues and Delivery Delays

Tesla has faced its fair share of production issues and delivery delays in the past. These setbacks have resulted in customer dissatisfaction and a damaged reputation for the company. If Tesla fails to address these issues and improve its production efficiency, it could further harm its standing in the market.

Dependence on Government Incentives

Many electric vehicle manufacturers, including Tesla, have relied on government incentives to drive sales. However, as governments reassess their budgets and priorities, these incentives may be scaled back or eliminated altogether. This could have a significant impact on Tesla’s sales and profitability, making it a potentially risky investment.

Uncertainty Surrounding CEO Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the charismatic CEO of Tesla, has been known to make controversial statements and engage in unconventional behavior. His erratic actions and unpredictable tweets have created uncertainty surrounding the company’s future. Investors may be hesitant to put their money into a company that is heavily influenced by the actions of its CEO.

Volatility and Lack of Profitability

Despite its popularity and fanatical following, Tesla has yet to consistently turn a profit. The company has reported losses in numerous quarters, which raises concerns about its long-term sustainability. Furthermore, the volatility of Tesla’s stock price adds another layer of risk for investors.


While Tesla has undoubtedly made significant strides in the electric vehicle market, there are several reasons why it may not be the wise investment choice it appears to be. The overinflated stock price, increasing competition, production issues, dependence on government incentives, uncertainty surrounding its CEO, and lack of profitability all contribute to the cautionary advice given by financial experts. Investors should carefully assess these factors before plunging into the Tesla frenzy.

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