Apple to halt sales of some Apple Watches in US

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Apple to Halt Sales of Some Apple Watches in US

Apple has announced that it will temporarily suspend sales of certain Apple Watch models in the United States. This decision comes as a result of ongoing intellectual property disputes with a rival tech company.

Legal Battle Leads to Sales Halt

In light of an ongoing legal battle, Apple has been ordered by the court to cease the sale of specific Apple Watch variants in the US market. This move is a precautionary measure taken by Apple to comply with the court’s ruling and ensure the company avoids any further legal complications.

Impact on Apple Watch Customers

Apple has assured its customers that those who have already purchased the affected Apple Watch models will continue to receive full support and regular software updates. The company aims to minimize any inconvenience caused by the halt in sales.

Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes

The legal dispute revolves around an alleged infringement of intellectual property rights pertaining to certain advanced technology features incorporated in the Apple Watch. Apple is dedicated to resolving these issues swiftly, and it is actively working towards a resolution that satisfies all parties involved.

Seeking Alternative Solutions

While the sales halt in the US market is undoubtedly a setback for Apple, the company is actively exploring alternative solutions to ensure customers can continue to enjoy the Apple Watch in the affected regions. Apple is committed to finding a way to bring these products back to the market as soon as possible.

Implications for Future Sales

Although the halting of sales impacts only a limited range of Apple Watch models, the move serves as a reminder of the challenges technology companies face when it comes to protecting their intellectual property. Apple’s determination to defend its innovations demonstrates the importance it places on safeguarding its products and maintaining a fair competitive landscape.


Apple’s decision to halt sales of select Apple Watches in the US is a precautionary measure that the company has taken to comply with legal obligations amid ongoing intellectual property disputes. By temporarily suspending sales, Apple aims to resolve these issues efficiently, prioritizing the needs of its customers and safeguarding its technological advancements.

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